Planting Seeds in the Midst of COVID-19

These past few months have been a lot of change for not only me personally, but for society as we know it. Going from a strict routine, a 9-5 schoolday, to having 3 weeks off and an ample amount of free time. Once you factor in the the univeristy shutting down within a week you could say things got a little crazy. We went from a hub of activity to a ghost town. However, there’s been good. Many people have been taking advantage of their free time to try a new hobby and find joy in the little things. (Personally I have taken up running until there is a stay in place order in my town). Another hobby that I’ve further developed is growing and taking care of the many plants that I’ve adopted. As my friends and I tend to say, “Plants make people happy!” So here are some ways that you can add plants into your COVID 19 routine.

Current plant set up of a friend of mine

1. Gardening

I wanted to start out with my favorite option. Gardening! If you’re like me, you may not have a yard or a permenant space to take up gardening. But if you have any spare pots at home, and a couple veggies that may be going bad, you’re all set! Currently I am starting seed for jalapeno peppers and I hope to grab some tomato seed from a friend. You don’t need a fancy space to start seeds, just put them on a towl or tissue, and keep them in a container/plastic bag with some sun, and you should hopefully see sprouts! If you don’t thats okay too, becuase grocery store veggie seed isn’t exaclty a 100% germination rate, you can keep trying, or you could buy seed from almost any online source.

A batch of Jalapeno seeds germinating in a windowsill

If you are more of an outdoor gardener, depending on your climate zone, its either the perfect time to start seed, or you still may have a couple weeks to do some garden planning. Easiest way to do this is to draw out your plot on some graphing paper, and figure out how you would like to group your plants for the best yeild.

Not only is gardening a good stress reliver, but it is also a good way to provide fresh veggies for low cost. (and objectivley something you grow tastes 1000 times better than what you buy). This also allows you to take up the hobby of canning and pickling if you have extra. You can even share fresh veggies with your neighbors as a social distance care package.

(If you want to know more keep on the lookout for another blog post coming soon!)

2. Plant I.D

For those of us who are not under direct stay in place orders heres a fun way to get in your exercise for you legs and your brain. Going on a walk around a trail, your neighborhood, and even your own backyard. This can be really fun if you have a favorite tree, or see something really interesting in your area.

For example, we have this bud I found on a walk today. Just from prior knowledge I knew it was a willow of sorts, but I couldn’t figure out which. Looking it up I got to learn it was a Salix discolor, common name pussy willow. I’d never seen one in bloom before and I got to find out the difference between that and Goat Willow.

And if you’re not a plant person, there’s nature everywhere. Find something you like and try to study it!

3. Learn how to propagate your plants!

Cuttings are the asexual reprodcution of plants by cutting off a piece of plant with a meristem and it creates a new baby plant! This can be an inexpensive way to increase your plant collection without having to go out to a plant store. It also helps you grow a collection of your favorite plant. Linked below are some good sources on how to propagate plants!

Herbacious Propagation:

Succulent Propagation:

4. Go online and learn about new plants for your collection

I have definitly been in the group of being on my phone wwaaaayyyy too often during this time, but a cool way to use your phone is for plants!

You can find new plant blogs (maybe like this one) or you can find new pages on social medias like Instagram and Facebook. Participate in plant giveaways, as well as plant Facebook groups and you may find a plant you’ve always wanted or find a plant you’ve never heard of (like this pink princess that I’m itching to find a cutting for a good price).

5. Creating a Plant Space

Knowning your house and places with light and shade, you can optimize your plant space. Orginizing your plants by their light requirement needs is a great way to make sure their pretty happy. Plants are also a great way to accessorise a room. I personally love hanging pots, they provide a nice pop of color to blank walls and its also a space saver! Here are some plant inspo’s I’ve been pinning since before the quarientine

If you want to see more go follow my pinterest ๐Ÿ˜‰

These are only some of the things to keep you busy while you stay at home with your leafy friends! Planting and preping for the garden seaso has been somethig that’s been gettig me through this time. If you’re worreid about not being a plant person… Don’t! You are super capible to keep a plant alive, and maybe you just need a different maitnence level ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Let me know what you’ve been doing in your quarentine time and what you’re looking forward to doing during this stay at home session!

Greenhouse Gal

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